Workshop to asylum in Germany and collective cooking – Monday 3pm, AZ Conni


Tomorrow, Monday, 2nd of February the Kontaktgruppe Asyl will present the following workshop at 3pm at the AZ Conni:


How does the german asylum system work?
How can I prepare for the asylum interview?
Do I need a lawyer? Are there good lawyers in Dresden?
What are my rights in Germany?
What consequences has the Dublin system for me?
What can I ask Sozialamt? What can I ask Ausländerbehörde?
Can I join a language course?
Where can I go for counselling?
We try to answer these questions!

The workshop will be given in English, it is for free.

Afterwards will will cook together with all people which are interested. All ingredients and equipment needed will be provided. We’re looking forward to see you there!

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